OffMetro.com – When celebrated chef Zak Pelaccio announced he was leaving New York City for a small town called Hudson three hours North, many were left scratching their heads. But anyone who has been to the riverfront village in recent years was automatically in on the secret.

Described by Pelaccio as an “urban oasis,” Hudson blends the best of city amenities with a low-speed, country mentality. There are farmers markets and fine antiques, high-end clothing shops for kids and hip wine stores for adults. It’s quiet. You can see the stars at night. But you can just as easily see venerable rock stars performing at The Basilica event hall down by the train station (Melissa Auf Der Maur of Hole and Smashing Pumpkins is creative director, natch).

And now you can get Zak Pelaccio’s imaginative cooking too.

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