Running Creek Farm

Running Creek Farm is a small, family owned and operated farm in Valatie, New York, which is in Northern Columbia County.  Our family moved here in 1996 from previously rented land in Albany county.  We have since been able to enjoy our family life together and raise our daughter all while working together on this beautiful land. 

Our mission is simple:  to provide wholesome, naturally grown food for our family and our community while being good stewards of the land and waterways we live and work on.  

We are very careful how we raise our crops.  Because of our quality soils and carefully administered nutrition program, our family is able to provide top quality fresh market produce with a stable shelf life.  We never, ever use systemic chemicals.  We believe that sound nutrition produces plants which are healthier and more resistant to diseases and pests.  A healthy plant requires less treatments for disease and is able to produce higher yields.