tl-horizontal_main.jpeg – If you're looking for an excuse to skip town for the weekend during the summer, how about a visit to Zak Pelaccio's new Fish & Game, which just opened in Hudson, New York. Nose-to-tail fans know Pelaccio as a founding member of Fatty Crab and Fatty 'Cue - here he departs from his Malaysian inspiration and runs with a local menu that showcases produce and ingredients from the Hudson Valley (the team also forages ingredients from the local surroundings). The eatery is located in a former 19th-Century blacksmith shop - a wood burning oven and fireplace in the bar pay homage to the buildings former life and also double as a kitchen extension, with a hand-forged rotisserie put to good use.

The bar program contains a truly curios concoction known as the Dick & Jayne. It's a shot of Dickle Bourbon followed by a shot of the restaurant's house-made Lady Jayne's Worcestershire. We've had our share of pickle backs at the Fatty restaurants - could this equally strange concoction be the next big thing? Find out at 13 South 3rd Street in Hudson, the restaurant is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday starting at 5 PM.

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